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Gun Buyers ClubBATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Beyond the budget, the two most contentious issues of Louisiana’s legislative session are shaping up to be guns and gambling. On both topics, Gov. John Bel Edwards has been noticeably quiet, seemingly hesitant to wade into new controversies when he’s still mired with old ones.


The Democratic governor has offered some tempered initial thoughts and says he’s studying the proposals. If legislation on the divisive topics gains traction, Edwards likely will get

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In spite of what some would have you believe, the NRA is not some malignant monster lurking in a dark cave in Washington, D.C., plotting to kill innocent Americans.

To the best of my knowledge, no NRA member has ever been a mass shooter, and it is extremely rare that an NRA member shoots anyone, this in spite of the fact that there are more than 5 million members, most with multiple firearms. NRA members are...

Gun Buyers ClubAnd though the eight of them were there to talk gun control, they weren't too keen on slogans. Nobody had a sheet bearing talking-points. They stayed polite, said "thank you."


There were five in-office meetings with legislators that day—four Democrats and one Republican. It was the latter—at the very end of the day—that most excited them. They were there, after all, to sway votes for the latest bill requiring universal background checks on gun sales. Not preach

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When will we ever learn? Why do we always insist on protecting those who wish to buy mass killing machines and also insist in protecting the grossly irresponsible manufacturers of these killing machines and not care so much about protecting our innocent children in schools, or our people in churches, or our people in concerts? Why must we Americans feel that we are now always living our lives...

Gun Buyers ClubMany progressives have long believed that America would be a much better place without the Second Amendment. These days, some of them seem to think we’d also be better off without the First.

That might sound like an exaggeration. But it’s hard to square the First Amendment with a recent proposal in The New Republic: “Ban Facebook Before Elections.” And yes, the headline accurately represents the text:


“If fake news truly poses a crisis for democracy,”

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LISBON, Conn. - John McGuire was inside his house with 81 guns when five state troopers were dispatched to investigate a threat he had reportedly made. They drove past a series of frozen lakes and up an unplowed driveway to a house set back in the Connecticut woods. The shades were drawn. A tattered mattress wasted away on the front porch, and boxes of medical equipment cluttered the entryway.


McGuire, 76,