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Gun Buyers ClubTALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Gov. Rick Scott is expected to meet Friday with families of the 17 people killed in a school shooting and sign a $400 million school safety bill with new gun controls opposed by the NRA and a plan to arm staff that teachers don't want.


State Rep. Jared Moskowitz — a Democrat who represents the South Florida district where the shooting happened — said in a text that Scott will sign the bill

My problem is with the resurgence of an old American tradition of celebrating young people as inherently wiser and more moral than adults. There are really three problems with the fetishization of youth in politics. First, it’s based on a faulty premise: that young people have a radically or uniquely superior insight into political affairs.

Gun Buyers ClubGun control debated

Perhaps if the framers of the Constitution would have known about the carnage done by citizens toward other citizens using high-powered rifles and/or semi-automatic weapons, they would have specified that only handguns or files with single shot capabilities could be used by citizens.


Perhaps if the National Rifle Association (NRA) would not contribute money to legislators and lobbyists then they wouldn’t be bought and compelled to favor the NRA and the manufacturing of

Gun Buyers ClubTALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Three weeks after the Parkland high school shooting, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has a gun-control bill on his desk that challenges the National Rifle Association but falls short of what the Republican and survivors of the massacre demanded.


Now he must decide whether to sign it. Scott has not said what he will do, and he plans to take up the issue today with relatives of 17 people slain in the Feb. 14 attack

Gun Buyers Club"We are going to be the last school shooting," the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors say. At the rallies they lead for stricter gun control, and when they lobby lawmakers for stricter gun laws. Thousands of other students across Florida and the U.S. walked out in support of their call.


In the month since a 19-year-old with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle slaughtered 17 members of the MSD school community, the surviving students have reversed decades of National