Zeiss’ newest scope line: the Conquest V4.

Zeiss is the optics company that, in 1907, designed and made the first variable-­power riflescope. From that first scope to present day, it has earned a reputation for making premium glass. What Zeiss has struggled with is to gain a strong presence in the American market. The majority of shooters here have never warmed up to European reticles, nor the higher cost for the scopes.

There’s some good news with the introduction of Zeiss’ newest scope line: the Conquest V4. Rifleshooters should take notice as this line will slide across a gun store’s counter for $750 to $1,100. While not an inexpensive scope, it is nowhere near as expensive as other Zeiss product lines. Victory models can fetch more than $2,000, for example. Still, it’s a serious commitment for any shooter forking over either amount of dough. It’s important to know exactly what all that cash gets you.

In the case of the Conquest V4, shooters will get a German-­­­designed and German-­engineered scope that is made in Japan. Japan has been making excellent optics for decades, and I’ve had very good luck with them. Traditionally, scopes that cost around $1,000 with a similar list of features as the V4s come from the Philippines where the products are hit-­and-­miss.

Zeiss Conquest V4 4-­16x44mm $950 (Left) Zeiss Conquest V4 6-­24x50mm $1,100 (Right)

Zeiss Conquest V4 4-­16x44mm $950 (Left)
Zeiss Conquest V4 6-­24x50mm $1,100 (Right)

What excites me about the Conquest V4 (besides the lower price) is the combination of performance, weight and new reticles. The fact that the scope has Zeiss’ name on it certainly doesn’t hurt either. 

Performance of any riflescope can be categorized as either optical or mechanical. Optically, the scope is excellent for this price point. It won’t keep up with scopes costing three times

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