Sightmark’s Mini Shot M-Spec Locking Quick Detach (LQD)

Sightmark’s Mini Shot M-Spec Locking Quick Detach (LQD)

To say that red-dot reflex sights have grown in popularity in recent years is an understatement. Part of the recent uptick in demand for these optics can certainly be associated with an increase in the sales of AR rifles, which are a natural platform for reflex sights, but due in part to the level of versatility that red-dot sights offer, it’s not uncommon today to see red-dot optics on bolt-action rifles, shotguns and handguns.

One of the newest additions to the growing field of red-dot reflex sights is Sightmark’s Mini Shot M-Spec Locking Quick Detach (LQD) unit. Measuring under two inches long and weighing just 3.6 ounces with the riser mount installed (3 ounces with the low mount), the Mini Shot doesn’t add much bulk to your firearm and takes up very little space on a rail.

Its durable exterior is made from lightweight aluminum and, as the name suggests, the unit can be rapidly installed and removed. The red 3-minute-of-angle (MOA) dot features 10 different brightness settings and comes with two separate QD bases, a low mount for pistols, bolt-action rifles and shotguns and a riser QD mount that is suited for use with AR rifles. The glass is parallax free. The skeletonized riser mount also allows the shooter to co-witness the reflex sight with traditional iron sights. This unit has a lifetime warranty.



The Mini Shot is so simple to operate that after a single session at the range new shooters will be familiar with the basic functions. Brightness up is controlled by a button on the left side, and a brightness down button is on the right. Pressing either button activates the unit, while holding either button for

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