A new, closed-emitter mini red dot sight for pistols.


Aimpoint announced its new Advanced Compact Reflex Optic (ACRO) in June 2018 at Malmö, Sweden. The ACRO P-1 is a small, non-magnifying sight design developed for use on pistols as well as other small arms. It is the promise of a new era for mini red dot sights.

Interest in the use of mini red dots on pistols remains on the rise as they improve a shooter’s precision and speed of engagement, to include those of us with aging eyes.

Early adopters have had to contend with mounting mini red dot sights, which usually require the skills of a machine shop to mill out the rear of a pistol’s slide to properly position the sight. As backup, a set of suppressor height sights had to then be sourced and installed.

Acceptance of the red dot sight on a pistol has led to the introduction of pistols specifically designed for mounting mini red dots including the FN 509 Tactical, Glock MOS series, SIG Sauer P320 family, and several others.

Closed Emitter vs. Open Emitter
The next debate among those who already live by the use of red dot sights will be about open-emitter red dots versus closed-emitter red dot sights. Open emitters utilize a laser that’s projected against a glass or plastic window in an exposed environment. This allows the sight’s overall weight to be reduced, but it leaves the lens unprotected against weather or collecting debris. With little maintenance, an unprotected lens can reduce the visual quality and compromise sight picture when needed. Additionally, there’s always a chance for an object to interrupt the path of the laser with an open-emitter-type red dot sight.

Closed-emitter red dot sights such as the Aimpoint Micro H-1

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