When nothing but the best will do, buy one of these three binoculars.

When nothing but the best will do, buy one of these three binoculars.

Top-end binoculars are guaranteed to increase your success while hunting.

Now, that’s a pretty brash statement, but it’s true. You’ll find more game because an honest-to-goodness premium binocular provides more clarity, more color purity, more detail, more definition, and more contrast than less expensive field glasses. As a result, you’ll pick out more hard-to-see hidden game. And as a side benefit, you’ll often find bigger bucks, bulls, and rams, too, because those old monarchs are wizards at hiding and average binos just don’t have the magical—if you’ll allow me an indulgent pun—clarity that enables you to pick them out of their hidey-hole.

You’ll also avoid eyestrain, which is second only to poor glass quality in its ability to prevent you from finding game. When your eyes are aching and burning a shaft of pain into the center of your brain, you quit glassing. If you’re not glassing, you’re probably not finding game. Happy eyes find lots more game.

Plus, you’ll be better able to evaluate antler and horn size. Now, if your primary motivation is to put some good lean free-range organic meat in the freezer, that’s of little import. However, if you’ve drawn a special tag in an area legendary for big animals, you’ll want to be picky—and good glass will help you be picky from a distance. In other words, you won’t waste nearly as much time, energy and boot rubber getting closer for a better look. If a buck is a shooter, you’ll know it. If he’s just below the cusp of your expectations, you’ll be able to tell from a greater distance.

So where do you find one of these almost-magical binoculars?

Unfortunately but very candidly, none

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