Source: Justice Kavanaugh sitting in front of the Senate Committee

Justice Kavanaugh sitting in front of the Senate Committee

The sky is falling. Following President Trump’s reality-television-inspired teaser, Trump formally announced justice Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court pick – a man late night talk host Jimmy Kimmel referred to as Voldemort (the evil villain of the Harry Potter series of children’s books).

Surely this means that Kavanaugh is a staunch ultra-conservative zealot who values guns over free search, will overturn Roe v. Wadeliquidate ObamaCare and work to turn the United States into a totalitarian theocracy, right?

No. Of course not. That is beyond insane, and only the most intellectually infantile of political pundits who couldn’t be bothered to do the most cursory of research would believe it  – that, or just those who are intellectually dishonest.

Actually, Justice Kavanaugh is actually one of the better choices for the nation as a whole. I say this, because his previous statements and rulings suggest he is an originalist: someone who doesn’t see the court as a political station designed to inflict their ideologies and personal politics on the American people.

Kavanaugh’s acceptance speech further confirmed.

“A judge must be independent. And must interpret the law, not make the law. A judge interpret statutes as written. And a judge must interpret the Constitution as written; Informed by history and tradition and precedent”

The majority of his statements are excellent for Constitutionalists, and those seeking to return America to its founding principles. The only exception on that is that last word: precedent.

Precedent is hardly solid ground to stand on for either formal debates or jurisprudence; plenty of bad laws have been made in the past. The fact that they were

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