It was a novel idea. Invite shooters of different disciplines and expose them to one another’s sport. The 2018 Aguila Cup combined shotgun competition with rimfire and 3-Gun, attracting more than 400 shooters. Not only was there an appreciation learned for other passions, this event allowed competitors to try a style of shooting they had never experienced before.


After three years, the Aguila Cup has arrived in the U.S. In 2015, the tournament, known in Mexico as “Copa Aguila” was hosted by Aguila Ammunition in Acapulco and was then moved in 2016 to Guadalajara, the capital of the Mexican-state Jalisco, where it continues this year. American shotgunner named Derrick Mein distinguished himself by winning the main events of those three Copas and defeated hundreds of shooters from around the world for loot and glory.


For 2018, Aguila Ammunition moved the four-day, multi-discipline event to Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds in Decatur, Texas, and created a competition like no other for a chance at $65,000 in cash and prizes.



The Aguila Cup’s Main Event is Sporting Clays. Sporting Clays competition simulates field circumstances with more than 10 stations organized throughout natural terrain. A squad of shooters — usually between two and six — rotate at a station following several attempts at shooting report and/or true pairs.


Gebben Miles

A report pair is where one clay bird is shot at before the target puller sends a second bird. A true pair means that two birds from two different throwers are offered simultaneously. And, besides throwing birds, a simulated rabbit is sometimes given with a clay turned on its side and thrown so that it runs across the ground and bounces randomly.


The day prior to the

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