“Colt’s Python, King of the Seven Serpents”, by Gurney Brown, Blue Book Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2018, 304 pages.

Two years ago, author Gurney Brown published his large-­format, full-­color “Seven Serpents, The History of Colt’s Snake Guns.” It was a detailed homage to a series of arms that many modern collectors consider the ne plus ultra of double-­action revolvers: Colt Cobra, Python, Diamondback, Viper, Boa, King Cobra and Anaconda. It was gladly received by arms enthusiasts, and inspired Brown to expand upon his efforts by publishing a work solely devoted to a six-­gun considered by many to be the finest production arm of its type.

Like its predecessor, “Colt’s Python, King of the Seven Serpents”, is a handsome, detailed study of the subject, with superb photography, much of which is devoted to full-­size replications of the Python’s many incarnations. The text is informative and highly readable. There are chapters devoted to accessories, ephemera, serial numbers and price lists — everything one could ask for in an enthusiast’s book. It is an admirable companion piece to Brown’s premier “snake” pub, but can certainly stand alone on its own merits. “Colt’s Python” is available from Blue Book Publications, 800-877-­4867, $65


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