State Group Wants Background Checks & Training Required

ok-carry-firearms-newsDespite strong legislative support, Oklahoma’s attempt to enact so-called “Constitutional Carry” has been dealt a setback from quarters assumed to be “pro-gun.”

“Gov. [Mary]Fallin vetoed this important piece of self-defense legislation despite the state legislature’s overwhelming approval of the bill and her commitment to NRA members to support constitutional carry when she ran for reelection,” NRA Executive Director for Legislative Affairs Chris Cox declared Friday. “Make no mistake, this temporary setback will be rectified when Oklahoma residents elect a new and genuinely pro-Second Amendment governor.”

“The measure had passed the Senate by a vote of 33-9 and the House by 59-28,” USA Today noted in a Saturday report. “The Legislature already has adjourned its session so lawmakers will not be able to revisit the issue until next year after the election of a new governor.”

Why did an A-rated and NRA-endorsed politician, someone billed as “a strong defender of Second Amendment rights,” let supporters down on “legislation she promised to sign”?

“The bill had drawn opposition from the business community and law enforcement authorities,” USA Today explained.  The LEOs wanted licensing fee revenues, and the businesses didn’t want citizens they consider “untrained” being armed on their property.

There was also opposition from another source many considered unlikely, and one that has generated no small amount of anger and accusations: The Oklahoma Rifle Association, NRA’s official state affiliate, came out against the bill.

“The Oklahoma Rifle Association opposes passage of the Constitutional Carry legislation as currently written,” group President Gary Don Scott announced in an April 26 letter to state politicians. “We feel the legislation needs to include background checks and some firearms training.”

How did

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