Our G&A July 2018 issue will be on Newsstands from June 5th.

Some of the featured articles are:

KEL-TEC RDB-C Compact 5.56 Rifle

KEL-TEC RDB-C Compact 5.56 Rifle

KEL-TEC RDB-C Compact 5.56 Rifle With 20-Inch barrel

Kel-Tec continues to change the way we imagine gun design.

Ruger’s new Precision Rimfire

Ruger’s new Precision Rimfire

Discover Your Inner Marksman

This is Ruger’s new Precision Rimfire.

Aimpoint reflex sights

Aimpoint reflex sights

Get it. Dot it. Good.

Aimpoint reflex sights are always quick on target.

Other products featured are the Kimber KHX Custom, Remington 870 DM Magpul and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

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