Ruger Security-9 Review

Inspired by a familiar name, Ruger introduces an affordable, (internal) hammer-fired 9mm pistol that handles like a striker.

Ruger has an enduring reputation for producing affordable, high-­quality, American-­made products. Back in 1972, the robust Security-­Six became Ruger’s first double-­action (DA) revolver and was successfully marketed to law enforcement with a competitive price point. From its introduction, came the Service-Six and Speed Six models, as well.

Rugged and reliable are accurate descriptors of the Security-­Six as it brought comfort to both cops and citizens alike.

And here we go again.

Meet the Security-9

You’d be hard-­pressed to find a police officer with a revolver in their duty holster these days. In fact, the New York Police Department announced that it will finally phase out the last of its revolvers in 2018. Sure, revolvers have their place, but their low ammunition capacity and generally slow reloading procedure just don’t stack up well against the benefits of carrying a modern, semiautomatic pistol. As technology advances, so too must defensive arms.


To this end, Ruger has revealed the Security-­9. It’s a lightweight and compact 9mm semiautomatic pistol that’s fed by a 15-­round alloy magazine. And because there is a hammer system hidden within the slide it is easier to rack than most common pistols, too. The Security-9 is leaving the factory with a suggested retail price of $380, which means that we will likely find it being sold closer to $300. However, cheap doesn’t always equate to value, so let’s consider its features to determine if it will become the Security-­Six of this generation.

Family Tradition

Obviously, the Security-­9 bears little resemblance to the Security-­Six. While the Security-­9’s name is inspired by the legendary wheelgun, this new handgun actually

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