The Hornady DGX Bonded

The Hornady DGX Bonded

As I see it, the new Dangerous Game eXpanding (DGX) bonded bullet is a milestone for Hornady. It represents the culmination of everything that’s been learned about hunting the world largest species for generations and the blend of Hornady’s state-­of-­the-­art engineering. If guides and hunters had access to the DGX bonded bullet during the age when the .375 H&H’s reputation was being formed, perhaps other larger cartridges may not have been invented. Regardless of caliber, we have better options than hunters of centuries past.

Since 2007, Hornady has been in constant development of its dangerous-game lineup. Borrowing from the knowledge acquired from generations of legendary sportsmen and fueled by their own passion for such experiences, Hornady has risen as a leader in this segment with its Dangerous Game Series (DGS).

Ten years ago, similar bullets lacked the bonding now standard in Hornady’s DGX line. These bullets span from .375 to .510 inch in diameter. As attested to by many — to include G&A’s Craig Boddington — poor “softs” often fragment during expansion after penetrating hair that covers a thick leather hide and dense bone. The majority of these animals are found on the African continent, but Hornady’s latest bullet has proven itself on large game such as bear and moose across the northern hemisphere.


Bullet failure during a dangerous-game hunt has gotten many people injured and a few dead. In some instances, it’s not the hunter who is hurt by an animal with a predisposed temper but the guide or trackers. Though the experience can be intense, it’s the hunter’s job to be ready to effectively shoot when the moment calls for it. Therefore, choosing the right bullet for use on dangerous game is a matter of great responsibility.


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