Michael Bane, host of Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Channel and Shooting Gallery Online on MyOutdoorTV.com, spoke with John Howard of Kahr Firearms Group at NRA 2018 to discuss a few new firearms they are releasing, including the updated Tommy Gun.

Through the Auto Ordnance Group, Kahr was able to develop an updated version of the Thompson. They used the Thompson mechanism and adapted it so it could use the AR-15 collapsable stock and grip. It also features a picatinny rail system and an alloy frame. This upgraded Thompson brings back the gun with modern features that people are used to. You can use a 20-round magazine, or the 50-round drum.

Howard showed Bane the .50 AE upper receiver for an AR platform that is available as a kit. It also comes with a mag block for the lower receiver, and it is interchangeable with the Desert Eagle magazine. This kit is Kahr’s answer to the .50 AE cartridge.

Next, Bane took a look at Kahr’s new pistol that comes with an S Series frame and a compact slide. It has a bigger grip, but still has the compact slide that is easier to conceal. Finally, Howard walked Bane through Kahr’s new S9 pistol. The S9 has a mid size frame, but has a lot of improvements that customers asked for, including a rail for accessories and a 3-dot sight.

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