Remington Model 700 PCR

Remington Model 700 PCR

Why not use that tax return to add a fully optimized rifle system to your collection? The Remington Model 700 PCR (Precision Chassis Rifle) is now available at retail locations nationwide.

The new Model 700 PCR pairs the Model 700 with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy chassis of create a stable and consistent platform for launching long distance hits on target.  The new Model 700 features upgrades that include a 24” barrel with 5R rifling, free-floated in an aluminum handguard, and a completely user-configurable Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock for comfort in any shooting position.  Its sub-MOA accuracy is confirmed using Remington’s advanced CATS (Computer Aided Targeting System) before it reaches the consumer.


The Remington Model 700 PCR has a suggested retail price of $1199.


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