April 12, 2018

By Vincent L. DeNiro, Editor, Firearms News

In an April 11, Washington Times article written by Alex Swoyer, it once again appears that President Trump is going out of his way to return to his former leftist-leaning self. The 9th Circuit Court covers 15 federal districts in Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Northern Mariana Islands, and Washington (state).  President Trump’s nominee to lead this historically hard-leftist court is the very left-of-center Mark Jeremy Bennett. When the Democrat leadership heard about Trump’s pick, they were overjoyed, just as they had been a little over a month ago, when Trump told Democrats not to be afraid of the National Rifle Association, and that they should move forward with gun control. According to the Alliance for Justice, Mr. Bennett’s government service consists of nine years as a U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia as well as the District of Hawaii in the same-level position. He later served as attorney general of Hawaii from 2003, until 2010. Bennett seems to have left-leaning views on free speech and gay marriage, but our topic today is gun control. The Alliance for Justice website details Mr. Bennett’s close work in the Heller case:

 “In 2008, Bennett was one of five state attorneys general supporting the District of Columbia in D.C. v. Heller. Bennett opined that “a decision that the Second Amendment prohibits strict gun-control laws is just wrong.” After the Supreme Court decided Heller, Bennett stated that he did not believe the decision would lead to any Hawaii gun laws being struck down.”

Sure, Donald, he’s your man to “make the Second Amendment great again!” Here is what then-candidate Trump stated in the last presidential debate with

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