Remember some months back, when gun owners, feeling unprecedented confidence in a “pro-gun” president and majorities in both houses of Congress, thought that national concealed carry reciprocity and removal of suppressors from National Firearms Act tax and registration requirements would be the first of anticipated gun-rights victories? We were on a roll, and it seemed like we would finally be the ones enjoying some of those incremental successes the gun-grabbers have been racking up for years.  Plus, Hillary wasn’t president, so we’d not only put an end to Obama-style executive infringements, but we also now had a guy in the White House promising federal and Supreme Court nominees would be vetted constructionists along the lines of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Things were starting to look up!

Except, they weren’t really. Note NRA “A+”-rated and endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan’s name isn’t listed on the Hearing Protection Act as a co-sponsor, and the bill remains stuck in committee, effectively dead in the water.  Likewise, reciprocity wasn’t going anywhere under Ryan’s “leadership” according to Rep. Thomas Massie, who last September informed Armed American Radio host Mark Walters, “The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right.”

Things start to unravel

Raging blood dances after the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay murders in October turned the nation’s focus back to citizen disarmament. A close-to-the-vest investigation that still feels more like authorities are interested in protecting connected interests than in sharing details has lead to no shortage of speculations and “conspiracy theories,” especially after authorities changed stories and timelines.

With “celebrities” like has-been nepotism-beneficiary Nancy Sinatra calling for “murderous members of the NRA [to] face a firing squad,” The New York Times screaming, “Repeal the Second Amendment”

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