The Florida state legislature has passed, and Governor Rick Scott has signed into law Senate Bill 7026, also known as the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.” Quite simply, they put the politics of the day ahead of good policy, ahead of expert advice, ahead of common sense, and ahead of the children’s lives. It was more important for them to stick a finger in the NRA’s eye in front of TV cameras than make their schools safer.

In the wake of 17 dead, including 14 children in the Parkland school, it’s hard to imagine anyone being that calloused and non-caring. This is a perfect example of why politicians are so hated in this country. Doing what they think protects their political career, no matter who else gets hurt, while pretending to help the children they are happy to sacrifice. I can think of nothing more vile in an educated adult.

Let us examine what the Florida Legislators did.

They enacted gun control. Does anyone think the person who plans to murder many people, especially kids cares about the law!? The person this deranged or full of rage will do what ever it takes to make others feel their pain. Can’t buy a gun? They will steal them, or run them over with a vehicle, or pour gas on them and light them on fire. The crime is murder. The tool is not the important piece.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Gun control has been tried in various ways, in various states, in various countries. The uniform result is more deaths. It is unlikely that one who is stupid or insane rises to the level of Speaker of the House, Senate President, or Governor. That leaves evil as the most likely motive.

Prior to the Parkland massacre, Florida Carry reached out to us about conducting a FASTER Saves Lives class in Florida. They introduced us to a sheriff who was willing to host the training event. After the killing, a second sheriff was also interested and several schools were willing to participate. We were in discussions to do a class in Florida and train school staff and law enforcement and share the program with law-enforcement trainers who would then continue training people in Florida.

There are thousands of man years’ experience no invested in the FASTER Saves Lives program or other armed staff programs around the country. This is not a new concept, it is a proven one. The “sign on the door” “no guns” policy and gun control theory also has lots of experience. They also have one thing that schools with armed staff don’t have; hundreds of dead bodies. Choose one.

Rather than copy a proven idea, the Florida legislature copied a failed one. In the wake of law-enforcement failures, they gave law enforcement more power. Schools now must beg for permission from law enforcement to enact

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