July 31, 2020

10 great reasons to celebrate the target shooting sports and enjoy special events

NEWTOWN, Conn. – America’s millions of first-time firearm owners will find National Shooting Sports Month[1]® in August a great time to pursue training and learn about the dozens of target shooting sports they can enjoy with their newly purchased firearm.

Developed by NSSF®, the firearm industry trade association, National Shooting Sports Month reminds everyone—newcomers as well as experienced gun owners—about the safe, fun, exciting activity of target shooting. It’s a pastime more than 52 million Americans, adults and youth, engage in.

What about the coronavirus? Whether you visit an outdoor or indoor range, target shooting is an activity where social distancing can be followed relatively easily. Also, the shooting sports are well-suited to socializing while heeding your state and local coronavirus safety guidelines.

Here’s 10 great reasons to head to the range during National Shooting Sports Month:

1.+ONESM Movement

There are many reasons more than 2.5 million people joined the firearm-owning community so far in 2020. Without a doubt, many were introduced to ownership and target shooting by a mentor. NSSF’s +ONE Movement[2] encourages experienced shooters to be a mentor and help even more newcomers discover how to safely handle a firearm and have fun knocking knock down steel plates or breaking clay targets. Have novices watch this video on Range Safety and Etiquette[3] before they go.

2. Summer Shots Target

Participate in the all-new #RangeChallengeSM, a series of target games that test your marksmanship skills. The #RangeChallenge: Summer Shots[4] target is available at participating ranges and online for download. Use the hashtag #RangeChallenge to share your experience on social media and be entered into

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