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USPSA Single Stack Nationals
USPSA Single Stack Nationals
Nashville, TN -( This time 1911s are in competition at the Classic Single Stack Nationals. It’s a throw-back to the origins of action shooting as conceived and taught by the founder, Jeff Cooper.

Plus, The British rifle that enforced the empire at the turn of the century. The Martini-Henry is now one of History’s guns.


Then the CMP Team Match is bringing friends

M1 Garand Receiver Jim Grant
The CMP will return to its regular competition schedule in 2021. IMG Jim Grant
U.S.A. -( The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is excited to return to its regular competition schedule in 2021 and is adding a few new events to provide additional marksmanship opportunities around the country. The events are open to the public and offer an opportunity to attend clinics and schools to learn more about the...

Gun Buyers Club

U.S.A.-( Professional shooters and renowned brand ambassadors, Ryan and Dianna Muller today announced that the 2021 Ambassador Academy will take place February 13-17, at W.O.F.T., near Orlando, FL. The annual event gathers subject matter experts who teach brand ambassadors to be the most successful representatives for their partners, as well as more effective industry influencers.


“As an ammunition manufacturer and range owner who looks to promote our brands and the


Firearms Training Courses img USCCA
USCCA vs NRA: Complementary Firearms Training Programs, img USCCA
New Jersey – -( A few months ago I was wrapping up a training class with one of my students. In fact, the discourse that usually follows after completing a basic safety and use training course on firearms includes “What else do you teach? What is next? What about self-defense training?”


I’ve been an NRA Certified instructor