The Bianchi Cup
The Bianchi Cup

Nashville, TN -(  It’s incredible shot-by-shot coverage of the race to claim the Bianchi Cup that’s still the most prestigious pistol match in the world.  For the top shooters the win will require a perfect match with the Cup awarded on X-Count.  The decision goes down to the very last shots on the Mover and you’ll see it happen.

Plus, the story of the Historic ‘03 Springfield that armed Doughboys and carried on as the Sniper Rifle of WW-II.

Then, Colt remembers the SOG Operators of Vietnam with the Granddaddy of the M-4, the historic XM177A2 Reissue.

John tests the firepower of the Smith & Wesson 610 Revolvers, chambered in 10mm.

And John Paul demonstrates Truing Your Scope, the basis of long-range accuracy.

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