Opinion: Tom weighs the pros & cons of the new-age old question, should I suppress my bedside home defense weapon?

Suppressors for home defense
Suppressors for home defense?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Just a year or two ago things were looking up for suppressors. With the Hearing Protection Act written and in the legislative works, a semi-friendly House of Representatives and Senate, and the White House seemingly friendly towards signing a bill, things seemed positive for getting suppressors out of NFA jail. No more tax stamps, photos, fingerprints, body probes, and year-long waits just to make your gun run quieter.

Then, politicians did the politician dance, meaning they didn’t do a damn thing except fundraise and stump for reelection. Now, the House has flipped and there’s a better chance that Alyssa Milano will become the new NRA President than the Hearing Protection Act passing before Wolf Blitzer takes an anchor job with the Blaze.

Even still, you can buy one, just like before, as long as you’re prepared to wait. So, today’s question is, with all that headache and waiting around just to get your hands on a suppressor, should you ever consider using one on a home defense firearm? As with anything else, there are pros and cons to consider. Here’s a list of things to ponder.

Suppress a Home-Defense Gun Sound

Since “looking cool” isn’t really considered a useful feature for a home-defense rifle or pistol, the big benefit to using a suppressor is the sound reduction. Duh. If you’ve not touched off a round indoors before, hold on to your shorts. It’s loud. If you use an AR, the indoor noise level is orders of magnitude beyond loud. Deafening comes to mind.

So, do you or should you

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