Time to accelerate a powerful alternative to standard NRA training.

Chicago, IL – -(AmmoLand.com)- Distributed Security, Inc. (DSI) launches NRA-Alt.com, an initiative designed to focus Second Amendment supporters on what matters most – training to defend life and property.

Mike Smock CEO of Distributed Security, Inc. said:

There has been a lot of noise and fury coming out of the NRA recently. The lawyers, lobbyists, agency guys, and assorted bureaucrati are engaged in a full-on cat scratch over who gets to collect the outsize staff salaries, lawyer fees, agency commissions, and expense accounts. While we salute and support the lobbying efforts of the NRA, we also know that they have been fighting a rearguard action that has resulted in increasing gun restrictions, and powerful adversaries pursuing total repeal of the Second Amendment.

Les Leslie program manager of DSI’s Defender 300 program offered:

The last line of defense in America is not a lobbyist wearing $1,000 tasseled loafers, but millions of trained law-abiding Americans capable of defending their life and property. Which is why we think it is time to accelerate an alternative to the standard NRA training that actually trains individuals, businesses, schools, churches to defend life and property.

Distributed Security, Inc’s Defender 300 program is a powerful alternative to the standard training offered by the NRA and is intended to focus the efforts of second amendment supporters on what matters most – training and defending. Serious training. The goals of Defender 300 are:

1. Train citizens to a meaningful level of competency enabling them to actually defend life and property.
2. Develop distributed security networks that enable businesses, churches, and schools to collaborate in the defense of their immediate community.
3. Empower representatives and instructors with the

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