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Red Flag Attacks, Obfuscation & Avoidance Techniques

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Deadly “Red-Flag” laws, yes gun owners have already been killed by them:

As we all know, Democrats are working tirelessly to get “red-flag” laws passed at state and local levels, and they’ve been successful in states where voters have been foolish enough to elect them.

More are likely on the way.

As I’ve editorialized previously, with these laws, Democrats are converting American gun-owners into “second-class citizens,” who do not enjoy liberties and rights afforded other citizens.

Where these laws are passed, the Constitutional tenant of “due process,” the sacred right of every citizen, is suddenly withheld from citizens who choose to own guns.

Where red-flag laws are in force, an innocent American citizen can be severely punished, based on an arbitrary, unsubstantiated, anonymous whim, absent investigation, absent arrest, absent criminal accusation, absent conviction. Absent any opportunity to state his case, nor refute testimony against him, absent any professional mental-health evaluation, absent any species of “due process,” without any knowledge nor warning that his legally-owned guns are about to be forcibly confiscated, probably forever!

When uncorroborated accusations against you prove baseless and wrong, even deliberately dishonest, under red-flag laws your false accuser suffers no penalty.

Using the same phony rational, I wonder how long it will be before Democrat politicians, in like manner, demand the power to arbitrarily confiscate your car, dog, golf clubs, knives, computer, and anything else you legally own that could use as a weapon.

Opportunities for abuse of red-flag laws are painfully obvious, and a competent and righteous Supreme Court will soon declare them all unconstitutional, with any luck.

But, that may take years, and for one, I have

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