Texas A&M Cadet Sniper Teams compete in grueling 2019 Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Texas A&M Cadet Sniper Teams compete in grueling 2019 Mammoth Sniper Challenge

COLLEGE STATION, Texas-(Ammoland.com)- On Sunday, January 6, 2018, at Ft Gordon, Ga., three cadet two-man sniper teams from the Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit (CCMU) completed the 3 day, 30 mile, Mammoth Sniper Challenge placing 3rd, 6th and 24th shooting against professional military sniper teams from every branch of the US Armed Forces.

CCMU cadets fired Bergara Premier Elite rifles, mounted with Leopold Mk5 optics and Magpul magazines, Orr Tactical Ammunition, Atlas Bipods and Kahntrol Solution muzzle brakes. Two team rifles were mounted in MagPul Pro Chassis and all long guns were supported by Kopfjager Industries’ outstanding Reaper Grip and tripod. Rangefinders were provided by Vectronix. Glock 34s firing Orr Tactical ammunition ran perfectly in the most adverse conditions.

“God hates the Mammoth Sniper Challenge,” remarked a cadet at the end of the first of three days of the event. Close to 90 teams started the match, by the morning of the second day there were 22 fewer…carrying rucks weighing 75 to 80 pounds on the first day in 50 degree temps, the cadets covered over ten miles on the clock in a constant downpour while firing three different rifle/pistol events along the way.

Welcome to Mammoth!

Widely regarded as one of the most physically challenging and technically difficult sniper matches in the country, the Mammoth requires participants to carry all gear (weapons, ammo, food, camping equipment) over the entire 30-mile course…only water can be resupplied along the way.

Participants camp in designated areas using only what they have carried. Each ruck leg must be completed in the required time or the team is dropped from the official score in the match, no second chances. On

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