Top Five Concealed Carry Myths
Top Five Concealed Carry Myth

USA –-(Ammoland.com)-Here’s a question to make your brain hurt. Are more myths and rumors passed along at the local gun store counter or on the internet? I know, it’s an impossible question. While both sources can provide valuable and reputable information, they are also the leading cause of self-defense and concealed carry trainer angst, frustration, and early onset of male pattern baldness.

Carrying a Gun Will Protect You

Perhaps the most dangerous concealed carry myth is that false sense of security that comes with carrying a personal defense firearm. Just as a fire extinguisher in the laundry room won’t help much with a surprise natural gas explosion, merely having a gun on your person won’t necessarily help you in a surprise self-defense encounter.

Pocket holsters are a great way to carry, but if you're surprised, it won't matter much.
Pocket holsters are a great way to carry, but if you're surprised, it won't matter much.

If you’re standing at an ATM putting fresh twenties into your wallet when you feel a gun muzzle jammed into the back of your neck, the fact you have a gun hidden away will not help you much. Unless you’re starring in one of those Hollywood movies staffed by gun-wizard actors who can’t wait to take yours, if that’s the case, you’ll execute a baker’s dozen Krav Maga moves, draw your gun, rack the slide a few times for dramatic effect, and shoot your way out of the situation. In the real world, you’ll be at the mercy of that creep who got the drop on you while you were focused on retrieving your money.

Here’s the point. Concealed carry doesn’t make you safer, at least on its own. Without all the supporting skill-building and training for things like improved awareness, verbal judo, close quarters

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