SIG SAUER Academy Adds Movement Skills for the Competitive Shooter to November Course Schedule
Why PractiScore?

U.S.A.-( PractiScore was built because I needed it. I, perhaps foolishly, shared it with my friends, one thing led to another, and now it is used by hundreds of little businesses we call “clubs”. Millions of dollars flow thru it for match fees. In 2018 we had 602,398 shooter registrations and 474,135 squaddings happen thru It has clearly moved beyond “I needed it”.

So why?

Well, from the day I started sharing it my answer has always been “to give match directors back their life”. Or more broadly… to help those who run clubs and matches.

The why, formally specified, is:

PractiScore exists to help people run practical shooting clubs and matches more easily.

Every day we consider that “why”. We do things that help that mission. We don’t do things that hurt it. Sometimes we do things sort of related to it, but not as a high priority.

The Why Moved Beyond Just Having Software to Supporting It

Last month we took in 150 support tickets in our new support ticketing system. All were handled. Most were about the “why”. That number doesn’t include personal contacts to our phone, email, FB messenger – that probably doubles the support contacts.
I’ve been in the software game for a long time now. Eventually, most software business turns into a support business. And PractiScore has moved to that point. Support was taking up more time than development. That wasn’t where we wanted to be.

So we added in DJ Petrou, and today, Madison Killian to handle direct frontline support. They will answer what they can and coordinate getting answers or fixes from the technical part of the team.

In coming weeks we will be asking

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