Educating Your Kids About Guns
Educating Your Kids About Guns

USA –  -( Parenting comes with a lot of hard decisions. From bottle or breastfeeding to public or private schools, it can feel like every decision you’re faced with will make or break your child. And when it comes to protecting and defending your family, the choices get even tougher.

In the United States of America, the Second Amendment ensures your natural right to defend your family with the use of firearms. Some argue that keeping guns around children puts them at a higher risk than it protects them. This is why, for many, deciding to keep guns in the home is a big decision. Because while it allows you an incomparable defense option, it could also lead to your child’s little hands on a deadly weapon.

Remember, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your children. And since guns are found in at least one-third of all American households – even if your family doesn’t have them, chances are your child will visit a house that does. One way or another, kids learn about firearms. It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re the one teaching them

Demystifying Firearms

One of the reasons kids are drawn to firearms is the same reason they’re attracted to drugs, alcohol, and séx – because it’s “taboo”. That’s why demystifying guns is a necessary feat, for both parents who keep guns and especially for those who don’t.

When you teach children about guns, when they see you take them apart, clean them, put them back together, when they learn how they work and what they do – firearms lose their mystery. They become a tool and a weapon, but are no longer shrouded in the vague “dangerous and deadly.”

To make this

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