COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (December 21, 2018)

Skeet athlete Caitlin Connor had a pretty special year in 2018 after being crowned World Champion while helping lead an historic podium sweep. She was one of the brightest shooting stars among a group of fantastic shooting sports ambassadors that compete for the USA Shooting Team. As we get set to take time with our family and friends this holiday season, we’re going to let Caitlin Connor narrate for you USA Shooting’s 2018 season to remember and how it sets up perfectly our 2020 Vision!   

I would like to start off by stating that the Olympic journey is impossible without the help of our donors, friends, family and volunteers. Your unwavering support throughout the years leading up to the Olympic Games is greatly appreciated.

Our year started off with an anticipated and welcomed change when our new CEO Keith Enlow was hired. Mr. Enlow came to USA Shooting and provided something special to this organization. He gave the athletes something to believe in and something to work for. He created an atmosphere that is more inviting for sponsors, and more conducive for athletes to perform at their highest level. He also provided direction and leadership for the staff of USA Shooting, something that was needed more than anything. I believe that as our organization continues to grow under the direction of Mr. Enlow, we will prosper again.

I have seen a wave of pride and commitment in our athletes this year that has not occurred for a while. It is reflected in the performance that our Junior and Open athletes have demonstrated all year. Between myself and my teammates Amber English and Kim Rhode we were able to bring home 12 of 18 total

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