SureFire Exhibiting at 2017 USASOC Sniper Competition
Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition held at Peacemaker Nat. Training Center

U.S.A.-( The Fort Meade Sniper Competition is now the Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition. The Sniper Competition has a 25-year tradition of providing law enforcement and military counter-sniper teams an opportunity to test their skills and equipment, train and share information in a practical, intense environment. Due to logistical barriers with Fort Meade, this milestone also brings a venue change to the event, which will now be held, in part, at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, West Virginia.

“We are excited to host the Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition on April 9-12, 2019. It is a privilege to be able to provide infrastructure and range time to an event with a great cause, history and tradition. Peacemaker fully supports our military and law enforcement community and we recognize the importance of training, gear and especially the significance of the ability for the teams to both learn and grow in a competitive environment.” – Jennifer McCulloch, Vice
President, Peacemaker National Training Center, LLC

The Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition will also hold a vendor day on Thursday, April 11, 2019, which is an integral part of the Sniper Comp. “Our commitment to helping our operators gain access to real-world training, gear and networking remains unwavering. Vendor Day is an important component of this in connecting with supporting industry companies.” – Dan Weaver, Match Coordinator, Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition

For more information, please go to the match website at . Please contact vendor coordinator, Sgt. John Arnold (MD State Police), at john [AT] invitationalcountersniperteamcompetition [DOT] com or George Eberling at george [AT] invitationalcountersniperteamcompetition [DOT] com with vendor inquiries. Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition event proceeds will be used to support Project Healing Waters, a military and veterans rehabilitation

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