COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (October 8, 2018)

There’s no greater defining moment in our sport than in seeing a 10.9 illuminate from the scoring monitor. On Tuesday, October 9 (10.9) we’re encouraging the shooting sports community to shoot for excellence. Happy 10. 9 Day! 

A 10.9 in our sport is the mark of perfection, proof positive that excellence has been achieved. That’s the goal if you’re shooting over a half a football field away and aiming at a target measuring no more than the width of a dime or whether you’re standing 33 feet away trying to punch pellets into a bullseye no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. Excellence is a virtue of your USA Shooting Team and on 10.9, we’d like to encourage our community to aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life.  

In this country, we take pride in making up days to celebrate anything – donuts, pirates and even our bosses.  At USA Shooting, we know a good celebration when we see one and traditionally that’s been because of medal-worthy performances set down by our athletes. 

This day is in recognition of that pursuit, both for those that achieved excellence and for those continuing to strive for it. Every day on the calendar is a silent monument to those epic hours in humanity and remarkable feats of strength and heroism. 10.9 is the day we’re recognizing those moments in time when the ordinary became extraordinary and when jaws were dropped. On this day, and everyday thereafter, strive for excellence in all that you do and may every shot you take in life be in pursuit of the highest mark, your 10.9.    

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