CHANGWON, South Korea (September 9, 2018)

Prone Rifle athletes shined today at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Championship in Changwon, South Korea with Will Shaner claiming the Junior Men’s 50m Prone Rifle bronze, and the Junior Women’s 50m Prone Rifle Team taking the team bronze medal.

The top-three positions in Junior Men’s 50m Prone Rifle were separated by just 1.5 points, with constantly changing wind conditions testing athletes in all Prone Rifle competitions today. Shaner (Colorado Springs, Colorado) won the bronze medal with a score of 618.2.

“It was definitely a rough day for the wind, just tried to take my shots when I was nice and calm,” said Shaner. “The wind definitely picked up during my second and third [10-shot] strings. I kind of had problems there compensating - I just had to trust myself during those strings - but after those, I kind of got out, got back in, and I just started shooting like I know how. I took clean shots like I know how and was able to finish strong.”

Shaner shot a score of 101.1 and 102.9 in his second and third strings over the 10 shots in each. His best 10-shot string was his sixth and final string of 104.6 – the highest string of anyone in the competition.

“My score was low enough that I thought it was going to take a 624 to win. In my mind I was kind of like ‘We’re low, but we’re just going to do our best. We’re going to keep pushing.’ I was kind of unhappy, got out, looked around and saw I was in third so I guess it was good enough!”

Shaner also won gold at the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany earlier

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