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Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “War will find us, whether we are ready or not.” ~ Churchill

Successful Outcomes!

The American law-enforcement community, including the FBI, is now admitting that the recent history of terrorism clearly shows that the best deterrent, by far, is armed citizens.

Many, probably most, American citizens who own guns and go armed at least some of the time are neither adequately equipped, trained, nor practiced. When they attempt to access firearms during a personal emergency, they are typically indecisive, slow, clumsy, and inaccurate.

And yet, history has shown that even then they are usually effective in deterring/dissuading evil-doers.

This is because most VCAs (violent criminal actors), even Islamic terrorists (despite Hollywood’s false portrayal), are unintelligent, cowardly, incompetent amateurs, who characteristically break and run at the first indication of lethal resistance.

When dangerous criminals can thus be persuaded to precipitously abandon their villainous plans and subsequently run away, that usually represents a very good outcome.

Operators, well-equipped and well-trained, are an even better deterrent. We go armed all the time. Our equipment is superior. Our presentation is swift, smooth, and precise. Our verbal commands are clear and convincing. We don’t have UDs (unintentional discharges), and we don’t miss.

Operators practice the “stealth existence,” avoiding most toxic encounters. We live by the axiom:

“A superior Operator is best defined as one who uses his superior judgment to avoid circumstances that would require a display of his superior skills.”

Accordingly, most lethal encounters involve amateurs, not professionals.

However as noted above, even amateurs are usually successful, when they can get a gun in their hands within a reasonable amount of time.

They common denominator among “successful outcomes” is instant access to loaded guns.

The longer it takes for

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