Slick McClade Wins B-Western World ChampionshipSlick McClade Wins B-Western World Championship

Mimbres, New Mexic – -( Slick McClade, AKA Jason Robinson, recently finished the 2018 End of Trail Match by winning B-Western World Championship and also winning the title for “Worlds Fastest Cowboy.”

He is a SASS State, National and World Champion using Bang and Clangs Bullets many times over. He is one of Bang and Clang sponsored shooters. They met him at the Bordertown match in Tucson Arizona in 2017. They gave him samples of their bullets to test, and ever since he has never turned back.

“Bang and Clang bullets is a great Cowboy Shooter owned business located in the great state of New Mexico. Bang and Clang offers cast lead bullets and High-Tek coated bullets. I have been personally using coated bullets for cowboy action shooting since 2006. Since my adventure into SASS, I have been blessed to win multiple National and World Championships” said Slick McClade.

Congratulations Slick McClade for your accomplishments and a huge thank you for supporting Bang and Clang’s team.

Bang and ClangBang and Clang, LLC

Opened in July of 2017 to the Cowboy world, and have since taken off with a BANG! They have a great team that truly cares and are known to go out of their way to make their customers happy. Check them out, and order your bullets today. They GOT BULLETS, but do you?

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