By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

Ari FelicianoAri Feliciano

CAMP BUTNER, N.C. –-( Ari Feliciano, 48, of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, competed in his first Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) vintage rifle match during Eastern Games in North Carolina in late April. But Ari didn’t just compete – he competed in style.

“I wanted to show an awareness for The Great War because most people only think of the Second World War,” he said. “And with the CMP . . . we also see the Springfields, but not many people talk about that period.”

Dressed in an Australian World War I period uniform that he put together piece by piece, all the way from the notorious upturned hat down to his tan boots, Ari certainly drew the attention of others on the range. And they, in return, greeted him with smiles and conversation about his wardrobe choice.

As Ari explained, 2018 marks 100 years of The Great War (World War I) Armistice that occurred on November 11, 1918. The armistice ended fighting between the Allies and Germany on land, sea, and air.

Ari has only been shooting for about two years now, but after learning that members of his Puerto Rico Rifle and Pistol Club would be traveling to North Carolina to compete at Eastern Games, he jumped at the opportunity to be able to show homage to those who fought in the war while also having some fun on the firing line.

“Everything lined up,” he said. “I thought, I’m going to shoot my first competition, so let’s go all the way.”

Ari tried to get as close as he could to the proper Australian uniform of the time period, even making the “slouch hat” (as they are commonly known) all on his own and using real emu feathers

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