Competition adds biometric readings to fast paced day and nighttime shooting competitionCompetition adds biometric readings to fast paced day and nighttime shooting competition

ONTARIO, California-( Safariland, the Title Sponsor of the second annual Safariland Expedition Multi-Gun Match, today announced winners of the four-day event, June 7-10, at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada. About 200 shooters competed in a fast paced, shooter’s choice match format, which included the new Pistol-Only division for Open, Limited, Production and Carry Optics, and a first in the industry biometric tracking of competitors while shooting. Safariland heartily congratulates the division winners and thanks sponsors and attendees for a very successful second year. A special distinction for this 2018 match was the dedication of the event to world renowned action shooter and long-time Team Safariland member, Michael Voigt.

The introduction of biometric readings was an exciting, new element to the event. At specific stages, competitors wore a biometric bracelet that recorded their heart rate and body temperature as they performed. This allowed shooters to see how their bodies were handling the stress of executing each part of the stage. “The use of biometrics in the shooting sports is revolutionary,” said Bobby McGee, Team Safariland. “It recorded live data which I can now use for training in the future to be a better athlete and remain controlled under pressure.”

There’s Robo Cop and then there’s @keithgarcia_3gun. His biometric data during the Safariland Expedition Multigun proved he’s nice and calm while running and gunning. Check it out! 🔺 Average Heart Rate: 77 Skin Temp: 89° Air Temp: 100° Average Speed: 2-3.3 Mph Highest EDA Spike: 88 Lowest EDA Spike: 18.9 * EDA: Electrodermal activity is characterized by the super position of what appears to be a single distinct skin conductance response. 🔺 2018 Sponsors: @springfieldarmoryinc @streamlightinc @mgmtargets @surefire_llc @vortexoptics @stiinternational @multicampattern

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