COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (April 6, 2018)

With a 2020 vision in mind, USA Shooting is slated to host four major fundraising events this year starting next month with the National Sporting Clay Cup in Houston, Texas.

Other events are planned for Georgia, North Carolina and California later in the year building upon successful fundraising events used in Texas with slight alterations in each new place to enhance and personalize the donor experience. 

With Tokyo in Sight, USA Shooting’s fundraising events concept will lure shooting sport enthusiasts to support the USA Shooting Team as they head toward the 2018 World Championships and the upcoming 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. As the only non-government supported shooting team in the world, USA Shooting relies heavily on donors and sponsors to help maintain a history of success that includes 110 Olympic medals.

The tenets that have built the shooting sports into what it is today evoke passion, advocacy, nationalistic pride and tradition. There is no greater representative of those values for the shooting sports than the members of America’s Shooting Team. The USA Shooting Team carries on the proud tradition of medal-winning success and shooting skill unlike any other country in the world, exemplifying the greatest defense possible for protecting, preserving and promoting the shooting sports legacy of this country. 

“These events will introduce our team and sport to a whole new audience and fanbase across the nation,” said Patsy Woods, Senior Business Development Manager for USA Shooting.  “We have athletes in need and thus we’re partnering with some of the industry’s most recognizable brands and incorporating top gun ranges, iconic hunting lodges and exclusive wineries to create exciting donor events that helps promote our 2020 vision and the great athletes that make us who we

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