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Unknow Masked Robber
Proactively Detecting Danger in Public: Situational Awareness – Part Two

USA –  -(AmmoLand.com)- Those who claim that a criminal “just appeared,” or “came out of nowhere,” have typically failed in awareness, as human beings can rarely approach unnoticed if the intended victim is paying attention. After accepting the fact that violence can touch you personally, you will be motivated to maintain situational awareness. What practices, in particular, can we implement to foster and maintain this awareness?

I recommend a four-step mental process to go through whenever you enter a new space, and this process takes only several seconds.

First, whenever you transition to a new environment, be it a restaurant, a parking garage, a gas station, a parking lot, etc., look around to see who is already there and determine what they are doing. When you notice something that is out of the ordinary, an anomaly in the environment, pay attention to what your brain subconsciously tells you. Most people ignore the impulse of something not feeling right. If something alarms you, act on that intuition and leave the environment. A person just standing around in a parking lot, maybe paying too much attention to you, or a person sitting alone and acting hyper-vigilant in a restaurant, are clues to possible danger.

If it feels wrong, there is a good possibility that it is wrong, so leave.

Second, take note of the entries and exits that surround you in the environment. If something bad happens, be it criminal assault, fire, or any other emergency, being able to immediately evacuate the environment is important. Beyond providing an

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