PROOF Research team's Conviction rifle with PROOF carbon barrel.

Columbia Falls, Mont. ( – The Grunt Style Vortex Optics Mammoth Sniper Challenge wrapped up its three-day match at Fort Gordon, Georgia, Jan. 9 – 12, 2020.  PROOF Research’s own Weapons Test Specialist, Greg Hamilton and Nightforce team member, Sean Murphy took top honors in the Tough Man Challenge.  Last year the two took first place in the Regular division.  This makes two years in a row of team PROOF Research/Nightforce having the highest score.

Started in 2010, the challenge puts two-person teams in aseries of shoots in man-made structures and in the natural terrain. The contestants participate in either the Tough Man or the Regular styles, differing in the level of physicality of the event. The Tough Man teams stay in the environment during the three-day challenge and are required to carry everything they will need over 40+ miles.

Sean Murphy and Greg Hamilton at the Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020

This year, 66 teams participated in the Tough Man division, including Greg and Sean. Nineteen teams chose the Regular division, which means they were not required to stay in-field overnight. Of the teams that started on Jan. 9, 42 of the Tough Man groups completed and only nine of the Regular. Greg and Sean each shot about 120 rounds of rifle and about 50 of pistol on eleven stages. Their total points were 292 which made them the Tough Man Challenge winners.

Sean Murphy and Greg Hamilton

As Tough Man team challengers, Greg and Sean carried their full ruck with them throughout the event, which meant that everything they needed to complete the event was on their backs, including guns, ammo, food, and camping equipment. As

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