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Gun Buyers ClubGovernor Andrew Cuomo’s lawyers will be in federal court in Albany next month, when they’ll try to get a judge to dismiss the lawsuit against him [1]by America’s largest civil-rights organization.


The group is the National Rifle Association, which is asking a federal court to halt the governor’s efforts to use financial regulations to drive the gun-rights defenders out of business here. Think of it as the first court test of what could be

Gun Buyers ClubDES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) — Gun control is a key issue in Iowa's midterm elections.

Survivors of the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting are traveling the country this summer, and they are followed very closely by gun rights activists.


At the start of the new school year, more security measures will be in place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed. There’s a single point of entry with

Gun Buyers Club[Speaking Truth To Power] This week residents of Newtown, Connecticut began to bury some of the victims from Friday’s tragic mass murder at the Sandy Hook Elementary School where 27 people were killed—including gunman Adam Lanza. Some politicians are now saying gun control must be addressed to stop these atrocities. But given America’s deeply entrenched culture of violence—which includes the overwhelming use of violence by America’s government—will we really see any concrete change after...

Gun Buyers Club

A history teacher in California’s Lodi Unified School District sent one student to the principal’s office and lectured another on the evils of guns, all because the two wearing an NRA t-shirt.

The student who received the lecture on firearms was a 15-year-old girl.


CBS Sacramento reports[1] that both students were wearing NRA shirts at Lodi High School when the teacher became angry on Friday. Charlene Craig, the mother of the girl, said, “[The