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Gun Rights News

Gun Buyers ClubA drive to expand concealed-weapons rights has stalled on Capitol Hill, now gun-rights groups are hoping a flurry of lawsuits currently in the courts will overturn state laws restricting who can apply for the right to carry a concealed firearm.


The pro-gun groups were buoyed by last year’s ruling invalidating the District of Columbia’s strict laws, and they are now looking to the Supreme Court[1] to weigh in and establish a nationwide guarantee that

As early as tomorrow, the Kansas Senate could consider self-defense legislation, House Bill 2042.

Gun Buyers ClubGuns have been banned from the NRA convention 2018 in Dallas while President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are there — a move that shooting victims said was at odds with the NRA's argument that more guns bring about greater safety.


Pence will speak at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action leadership forum on Friday. On its website's event page, the NRA says the Secret Service will be in charge of security, therefore "firearms and firearm