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The California Legislature is pushing bills through the Senate and Assembly floor in the final days of session.  Below is an update of the action taken on bills this week and the list of anti-gun bills that are still eligible for votes, which may be considered at any time. Please use our TAKE ACTION Button below to contact your state legislator.

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… Putnam declared himself a “proud NRA sellout.” Putnam viewed the tweet … teachers in Parkland. Suddenly, sycophantic gun jokes didn’t seem so … an ardent defender of the Second Amendment. Nobody respects a sellout. And …

Gun Buyers ClubDr. Hate -- Republicans, to paraphrase Palin, are "palling around" with Nugent

[Speaking Truth To Power]

Last week, racist right-wing rocker Ted Nugent “apologized” for calling President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel.” Mr. Nugent issued the “apology” after Tea Party Kentucky Senator Rand Paul criticized the rock musician for his racist invective against the president.

But isn’t Mr. Nugent typical of the deeply regressive racism within Republican ranks?


On Friday, in a radio interview

image The Washington State Supreme Court overturned a Thurston County judge's ruling that gun control measure I-1639 was ineligible for the November ballot. (MyNorthwest)

Soon after the Washington State Supreme Court overturned an earlier decision that removed I-1639 from the November ballot, opponents began mobilizing for an appeal to get it back.


“I’d like to say it came as a horrible shock,” Dave Workman of the Second Amendment Foundation[1] told