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Competition News

The 2022 Steel Challenge
The 2022 Steel Challenge

Nashville, TN -( Stand and Shoot five steel targets with the best four times as your score. The World Speed Shooting Challenge has now expanded to include divisions for Centerfire Handguns, Pistol Caliber Carbines, and both Handguns and Rifles chambered in 22 caliber. The purest form of gun racing this year will result in new world records on the well-known stages of fire.


Gunsite 250 Pistol Review
Gunsite Academy 250 Pistol Class Review
U.S.A.-( If I could think of one word or phrase to describe Gunsite Academy, it would be this: The Mecca of modern firearms training in the United States. Gunsite had been on my list of places to train for several years, but due to its distance from me and the combined time and financial commitment, no progress had been made toward attending....

Bianchi Cup 2022
Bianchi Cup 2022

Nashville, TN -( The Green Valley ranges are open in Columbia, Missouri and again welcoming international competitors to the challenges of The Plates, The Practical, The Barricades, and The Mover. Bianchi Cup competition is back to full strength with new faces claiming the titles in the most prestigious handgun tournament of the year.

Then, the inspiring story of K-9 Echo, the selection and training of...

2022 Precision Rifle World Championships
Columbia Falls, Mont. ( PROOF Research®’s sponsored shooters, Austin Orgain and Rusty Ulmer, were part of Team USA at the first International Precision Rifle Federation World Championship that took place Aug. 6 – 12, 2022, in Bitche, France. Four days of competition from the best long-range shooters from 26 countries across four continents were held at the CSA Bitche extreme...