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Conservation Reserve Program Paying For You To Burn & Thin Your CRP TreesConservation Reserve Program Paying For You To Burn & Thin Your CRP Trees

USA – -( The Farm Services Agency is taking applications for the CRP Thinning and Burning Incentive through Sept. 30th, 2018. Landowners who have already completed at least one mid-management practice and are not in the last year of their CRP contract can qualify.

They can sign-up through their local Farm Services Agency office.

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) policy allows you to receive incentive payments for thinning and burning your CRP trees to improve wildlife habitat.

This practice is designed to promote the establishment and maintenance of an open canopy forest with the native groundcover that is maintained by frequent fire. Landowners enrolled in this practice could benefit from improved wildlife habitat without seeing a reduction in net economic return.

  • Incentive payments up to $150.00/acre depending on practices implemented.
  • Improves habitat for quail, turkeys, white-tailed deer, certain songbirds, and numerous other wildlife species.
  • Enhances aesthetics by establishing native grass/forb/shrub groundcover.
  • Offsets direct and indirect forest management costs.
  • Improves forest health and greatly reduces wildfire risks.

Authorized CRP Practices to include CP3, CP3A, CP4D, CP11, CP22, CP31, CP36, CP38A, CP38C, CP38D, and CP38E, where eligible customary forestry activities will be implemented in an integrated manner and frequency to accomplish desired objectives. Enrollment is limited, and the deadline to sign up is September 30, 2018.

Contact your local Farm Services Agency office TODAY for more details and to sign up. Farm Services Agency office locations can be found online at:

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