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Competition News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (April 22, 2019)

16-year-old JO Sport Pistol Champion Abbie LeverettAbbie Leverett, Paul Kang and the aptly named Madison Champion claimed top honors in their respective events at the 2019 National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC) Monday.  Pistol and Paralympic Rifle events will conclude the three-week youth shooting showcase being held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.   


The 16-year-old Leverett (Bainbridge, Georgia) upheld the family name in the absence of her two


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Discreet Concealment Errors
Ft Collins, CO –-( Carrying pistols concealed in public as you go about your daily business is serious business.


A careless moment that inadvertently exposes an otherwise concealed pistol may garner the unwanted attention of a nearby criminal who is eager to wrest the gun from you forcibly, or the attention of a snoopy bystander who is keen to report you to the

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (April 19, 2019)

The last wave of young shooting talent in the National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships (NJOSC) will descend on the Olympic Shooting Center starting tomorrow as the Pistol and Paralympic Rifle competition begins, wrapping up the three-week long competition.


Not only have the 607 Rifle and Pistol athletes who earned invitations to the NJOSC from the 48 state-level competitions competed (and will continue to compete) for medals and National Junior